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Guidelines for Authors

  1. Priority in the selection of manuscripts for publication will be given to those that:

are products of completed research and written in the English Language;

are relevant to the promotion of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering;

have not been previously published nor submitted and undergoing evaluation elsewhere for publication.

  1. Manuscripts for publication must bear the author/s’ name, title/designation, office/organization, complete mailing address, including e-mail address for the corresponding author. It should be type-written using Word for Windows format (Times New Roman, with font size 12). Moreover, graphs/illustrations/photographs must be enclosed with the manuscript.  Photographs in “jpeg” format with at least 300 dpi high resolution image should be provided. The manuscript shall contain the segments indicated in 2.a to 2.d and additional requirements in 2.e  to 2.g:

a. brief and appropriate title;

b. the writer’s name, title/designation, office/organization and mailing address;

c. an abstract with 200 to 300 words, preceding the main body of the manuscript and keywords(maximum of 5 to 6 words) after the abstract;

d. a body proper/text discussion which shall contain the following sections:

INTRODUCTION – includes the Rationale, Literature Review and Objectives of the manuscript






e.g.  AL-JUBOURI, Q, AL-NUAIMY, W, AL-TAEE, M, YOUNG, I.  (2017). An automated vision system for measurement of zebrafish length using low-cost orthogonal web cameras.  Aquacultural Engineering 75: 156-162.

e. printed double spaced and with about 5000 up to 6000 words (excluding the titles of table, figures, and graphs);

f. supported by authentic sources, references or bibliography; and

f. encoded/written in Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive interface or CD/DVD, if to be personally submitted to BIOMECH-CEAT, UPLB.

   E-copy if to be submitted by email.

  1. The printed copy must be page numbered (Arabic Numerals) successively at the top center while the pages on the USB flash drive copy should not be numbered. Table numbers shall precede table titles (e.g. Table 1. Rate of seeding per hectare.). The table numbers should appear at the top left of the table. On the other hand, graphs, maps and photographs are also considered as figures in which case, the captions must be indicated below the figure preceded by a number (e.g. Figure 1. View of a farm building.). The tables and the figures must be preceded by texts or discussions. Tables must be clearly typed without vertical lines or partitions. Horizontal lines must be drawn only to contain the sub-title heads at the bottom of the table title. All measurements shall be expressed in the SI/metric units and numbers shall be rounded off to significant figures. 


  1. Manuscript may be submitted through courier and should come with the two (2) printed copies and letter of submission addressed to the Editor-In-Chief. It could also be submitted through email, with a letter addressed to the contact information.  If sent via courier, the author is also required to send the e-copy by email.


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