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Policy Milestones

Identifying suitable sites for small scale irrigation projects (SSIPS) in Mindoro Provinces through GIS-based water resources assessment (2018 – 2020)

Project Leader: RMC Amongo

Study Leaders: RA Luyun, Jr., RB Saludes

Project Staff/ Consultants: PRL Relativo and, MVL Larona

University Research Associates: MG Acosta, KCR Abellera, and JCL Navasero

SSRS: RA Arrobang

Science Aide: KSA Bautista

Funding Agency: Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Research

The project aimed to develop a water resources assessment model for identifying suitable sites for SSIP development in Mindoro Provinces for optimum water resource allocation and utilization. Specifically, it aimed to develop GIS-based framework in determining suitable SSIP sites, generate provincial and regional resource maps, and enhance capacities of the region’s researchers and extension specialists on the use of the developed methods and science tools (i.e. GIS, remote sensing, modelling) for SSIP planning and development.  The project involved methodologies and strategies of data gathering to determine the suitable sites for SSIP development in Mindoro Provinces.  The SSIPs considered in the project are: diversion dam (DD), pump irrigation system for open sources (PISOS), shallow tube well (STW), spring development (SD), small farm reservoir (SFR), and small water impounding projects (SWIP).  The project involved various stakeholders from municipal, provincial and regional levels and farmer beneficiaries of SSIPs from government and private funded projects.

Data collection included various contributors from the planning, allocation, development and utilization of water resources to increase agricultural production. Primary data collection was done using questionnaires, data sheets, and geo-tagging applications using mobile devices. Location maps of existing SSIPs and other potential sites for development in Mindoro Provinces were also created. Based on the GIS-based methodology, the project generated maps of existing and potential SSIP locations for future allocation and development of irrigation water for sustainable agricultural production in Mindoro Provinces.