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  • Can be used to plant various upland crops (seeds) both in zero tillage and cultivated soil condition
  • Simple design and constructed from locally available material
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to use
  • Needs little practice to be skillful in its operation
  • Reduces drudgery compared to the traditional manual planting.


Make sure that the field to be planted is well prepared. It will be useful to attach a small seed sack to the waist of the operator to hold the seeds to be planted. Start the operation by pushing the jabber vertically into the soil. Actuate the soil opener by pulling the actuator vertically upward. Drop the one or two seeds into the seed tube. Pull the jabber out of the soil and proceed to the next hill..


Type: Hand-held jabber
Field Capacity: 0.25 ha/day
Suitability: All types of corn seeds and other row crops
Construction: all steel 
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Weight: 1.3 kg
Width: 215 mm
Height: 565 mm
Labor of Requirement: one person

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