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Research and Development Division

For four decades, BIOMECH has developed and fabricated machines intended to further the development of the agri-fisheries and mechanization of the country.

BIOMECH has developed and promoted technology packages for corn, vegetables, coconut, cassava, municipal waste processing, village-scale biodiesel production from jatropha, rural women entrepreneurs, shallow tube well technology, seaweed processing, and turmeric powder production.

Some of the significant technologies developed by BIOMECH were the UPLB hand tractor, village-level rice mill, cassava lifter, UPLB drilling rig, manual corn sheller, motorized corn sheller, multicrop dryer, oil  expeller, forage chopper, corn mill, organic fertilizer applicator, mini-hand tractor, windmill, village level ethanol production system, corn planter and various hand tools.

The  priority activities of R&D include:

  • Design and development
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Conduct basic research
  • Package technologies
  • Survey and analysis