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Policy, Planning, and Socio-Economic Division

Policy Study on the Implementation of Pinoy Quality Seal (or Quality Assurance System) for the Local Agri-Fisheries Machinery Sector

(March 10, 2023 to December 31, 2023)

Funding Agency:

Department of Agriculture – Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (DA-PCAF)

Implementing Agency:

Center for Agri-Fisheries and Biosystems Mechanization (BIOMECH)

Project Team:

Dr. Ronel S. Pangan – Project Leader

Engr. Marck Ferdie V. Eusebio – Study Leader L3

Engr. Marie Jehosa B. Reyes – Study Leader L3

Engr. Marife R. Santiago – Study Leader L3

Engr. Glenmar DC. Enriquez – University Research Associate II

Ms. Diane Jewel E. Bondad – University Research Associate II

Ms. Jerusha Anne Charnette B. Glindro – Clerk III



Dr. Victor A. Rodulfo Jr.

Dr. Maria Victoria L. Larona

Engr. Jose D. de Ramos

Rationale and Background:

The PQS project is an offshoot of the DA-PCAF-funded project entitled, “Roadmap to Transform the Philippine Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing into a Competitive, Productive, Innovative and Sustainable Industry”, which was also implemented by BIOMECH. The roadmap was approved for implementation and adoption by the Department of Agriculture in Administrative Order No. 12, S. 2022, dated May 25, 2022. The formulation of policy guidelines for the implementation of a unified Pinoy Quality Seal or Quality Assurance System for local agri-fisheries machinery will strengthen the local machinery assembly and manufacturing in support of the Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Law of 2013 and its National Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Program (NAFMP).

Project Objectives: 

The general objective of the policy study is to formulate policy guidelines for the Implementation of Unified Pinoy Quality Seal (Quality Assurance System) for Local Agri-Fisheries Machinery.

Project Components:

Study 1. Benchmark study on implementation of quality seal for agri-fisheries machinery in the country and a selected country with progressive agri-fisheries machinery manufacturing processes

Study 2. Formulate implementation guidelines and rules for the implementation of quality seal for agri-fisheries machinery in the Philippines

Study 3. Conduct of workshops/consultation meetings/forum for the formulated guidelines and policies for the implementation of quality seal/quality assurance system for local agri-fisheries machinery

Study 4. Pre-pilot implementation of the Pinoy Quality Seal to fine tune the provisions of the system