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Training, Extension, and Information Dissemination Division

Machines developed by BIOMECH are extended and popularized to farmers, entrepreneurs, technicians and manufacturers through the agro-industrial and pilot area development activities. The promotion and local manufacture of agricultural machinery is carried out through trainings, manufacturing technology, operation, repair and maintenance. Technical assistance is also provided to local manufacturers in the fabrication of prototypes. Working drawings are even extended to cooperating manufacturers. Actual field demonstrations are conducted at the farmer’s fields or at pilot areas. Production of print media for extension/popularization and information dissemination, and maintenance of agricultural mechanization display area are also conducted by the Division. The display area is currently being used for instruction an exhibit purposes to demonstrate various technologies developed by the program as well as the other locally and commercially available technologies to students, researchers, farmers’/fisherfolks’ groups/organizations, cooperatives, agricultural manufacturers, GO/NGO agricultural planners and other walk-in visitors.

TEIDD focuses its activities on:

  • Conduct pilot area development
  • Field test mechanization technologies
  • Conduct demonstrations and exhibits
  • Develop training modules, and manuals
  • Conduct manpower training
  • Production of print media for extension/popularization and information dissemination
  • Provide technical assistance