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On February 7, 2024, the UPLB-BIOMECH team visited Caraga State University and Karaga Steel Works to discuss the project – Compendium of Developed Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Technologies in the Philippines.

Engr. Marck Ferdie V. Eusebio, University Research Specialist I, led the UPLB-BIOMECH team, accompanied by Engr. Yara Ayman A. El Adawi, Project Technical Assistant III. The attendees from Caraga State University included Engr. Neil Caesar M. Tado, Chairperson of the Caraga State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and Engr. Aljon E. Bocobo, Director of the Center for Resource Assessment. 

During the discussion, the team focused on the Compendium Project, which aims to gather developed agricultural and fisheries technologies from universities, research institutes, and local manufacturers. This project seeks to promote technologies, foster collaboration for innovation in existing technologies, and prevent duplication of efforts to conserve resources. Additionally, the project involves the creation of an online database accessible to the focal person of each Higher Education Institution (HEI), RDIS, and local manufacturers, allowing for updates with new technologies.

Moreover, the team addressed the Research, Development, and Extension (RDE) Agenda during the HEI Consultative Meeting in Angeles, Pampanga, hosted by PHilMech. They encouraged HEIs to select researchable areas for exploration or collaborate with other HEIs interested in similar research. HEIs can submit proposals, which PHilMech and UPLB-BIOMECH would endorse to funding agencies.

Following the meeting with Caraga State University, the team proceeded to Karaga Farmers Shop/Karaga Steel Works. In their fabrication shop, Eden Francis P. Olaco, owner of Karaga Steel Works, participated in the meeting. The team highlighted the Compendium Project, emphasizing its potential to promote agricultural technologies relevant to their operations. 

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(Yara Ayman A. El Adawi)