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The UPLB Center for Agri-Fisheries and Biosystems Mechanization (UPLB-BIOMECH) visited one of the local manufacturers of agricultural technologies, Mariñas Technologies Inc. in Pila, Laguna  on September 20, 2023 for an  initial information gathering for  the  DOST-PCAARRD-funded project entitled “Compendium of Developed Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Technologies in the Philippines”.

Local manufacturers play a vital role in the development of agricultural technologies that are available for various stages of farming, including pre-harvest, harvesting, and postharvest activities. The objective of the project is to curate these technologies that would help researchers, consumers, and developers to have available  information on locally available technologies in the Philippines. This initiative also aims to prevent redundant technology development efforts, thereby reducing R&D expenditures.

Dr. Ronel S. Pangan, Project Leader and Director, led the BIOMECH Project Team together with the Project Staff, Engr. Marck Ferdie Eusebio, and Project Technical Assistants: Engr. Ezra Noel, Engr. John Paul Tobias, Engr. Yara Ayman El Adawi. 

Dr. Pangan discussed the project with Engr. Maurice Mariñas, CEO of Mariñas Technologies Inc.  The Compendium Project was introduced as a catalog for locally available agricultural technologies including the different information of the technologies that will be collected to help local manufacturers advertise their products. Engr. Mariñas agreed to provide the details of their products that may be included in the compendium.

The team was also joined by Engr. Glenmar Enriquez and Ms. Diane Jewel Bondad, both University Research Associates II of the UPLB-BIOMECH project entitled “Policy Study on the Implementation of Pinoy Quality Seal (or Quality Assurance System) for the Local Agri-Fisheries Machinery Sector” funded by the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (DA-PCAF). The implementation of the Pinoy Quality Seal will help consumers have assurance on the quality of machineries to be purchased, and encourage manufacturers to provide products with improved quality. This project was also presented to Engr. Mariñas.

One way to promote locally available technologies and improve its quality is through projects such as the compendium and implementation of quality assurance system/Pinoy Quality Seal.  This can be done by building connections with developers such as the local manufacturers. The compendium project has started connecting with these manufacturers through these visits and consultations meetings or fora with them.

To know more information about the projects, visit the links below:

(Yara Ayman El Adawi and Diane Jewel Bondad)