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On November 17, 2023, representatives from the UPLB Center for Agri-Fisheries and Biosystems Mechanization (UPLB-BIOMECH) made a visit to Eastern Samar State University (ESSU) located in Salcedo, Samar. This visit aimed to provide orientation and gather essential information for a significant project, “Compendium of Developed Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Technologies in the Philippines,” funded by DOST-PCAARRD. Additionally, this engagement served as an opportunity to discuss the upcoming 2023 AFMechRDEN HEIs/SUCs consultative meeting.

The compendium project prominently features Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) as the primary sources of innovation in agri-fisheries mechanization technologies within the Philippines. UPLB-BIOMECH has started its rounds of visits to universities and colleges in the Luzon region and has now initiated the process of gathering information from institutions in the Visayas area.

The BIOMECH Project Team, Engr. John Paul Tobias and Engr. Yara Ayman El Adawi led the discussion. The team was joined by the following attendees from ESSU: Judith B. Ty-Pelobello, Director of the Office of External Affairs, Arvin Anthony S. Araneta, Dean, College of Engineering, Tessie A. Guial, Head, BS ABE Program, Rheo C. Discar, Faculty, Rodrigo P. Quiza, Faculty, and Niño Laureano C. Lumagbas, Faculty.

The meeting featured a detailed introduction of the Compendium Project, envisioned as a repository of agricultural technologies created by Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), Research and Development Institutes (RDIs), and local manufacturers. The aim is to promote these technologies, provide a reference to prevent duplication, and foster agricultural innovation. HEIs like ESSU were encouraged to patent their technologies for protection.

The project’s specifics included the creation of an online database, enabling continuous updates and the addition of new technologies for public access. The focus is on technologies at technology readiness levels 6 to 9, which are patent-pending and ready for public dissemination, ensuring data protection.

Additionally, the upcoming national AFMech HEI consultative meeting was discussed. This meeting will focus on rolling out new research agendas. ESSU is already exploring potential research areas for future endeavors and collaborations with other HEIs.

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(Yara Ayman El Adawi)